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Episode 3: Storm Chasers or Off-Roaders? Thunderstorms, Tornados, and Flooding in May

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

"There is peace even in the storm." -Vincent VanGogh

The month of May has been a lion in our little part of Missouri. We've heard her roar again and again as the sky breaks over the heartland of America. Our video today is a bit of a compilation. We have footage of being caught up in the chaos on three different days throughout the month and invite you to come along and experience it all with us right from the front seat of our Jeep.

The video begins with us driving onto the ferry in Peel, Arkansas over the weekend. We were camping with family and thought the kids would love this experience. The sky was cloudy, but we didn't feel any raindrops until we were safely on the other side. The storm swelled up quickly, and we watched from the Jeep as the once calm waters transformed. We decided to do a little exploring while the storm passed, but soon got a call from Ben's dad in the Cowdaddy Jeep that he was having trouble and couldn't move. Ben got out in the rain to fix the linkage bolt so that we could get back onto the ferry before they closed for the night. We closed out the night making dinner at camp with Ben's uncle Rob taking credit for the fried potatoes I made and with the kids playing outside with their cousins.

The video then jumps to a night a few weeks ago as we drove to a tornado shelter in town. This was an intense experience with the roads abandoned, sirens blaring, and the rain pounding on our soft top. Thankfully we were able to find shelter and rode out the storm.

The final portion of the video is from yesterday when a tornado touched down a few miles from our house midday. We were at work during the storm, but we take you along as we see the aftermath and flooding in our community. Check out our adventure here!

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