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How to Flat Tow Your Ford Bronco

For us, flat towing (four-down towing, dinghy towing) is the only way to travel with our homemade box truck camper and our Bronco. We love that flat towing is easy to set up, reliable, and so much easier to store and maintain than a trailer or tow dolly! We filmed a video showing you a step by step process for how to flat tow your Ford Bronco with the Blue Ox tow bar system. We also created videos when we had Jeeps showing you how to flat tow a Jeep JLU or a Jeep JK. Sometimes it's nice to have a printed version to refer back to, so we are including a printable checklist for you to download here as well!

You can grab our checklist here:

Flat Tow Bronco Checklist
Download PDF • 74KB

Or save the checklist to your photos:

If you want to use the same flat tow equipment we use, we have links to the complete Blue Ox towing system here. We have used Blue Ox for years and love the reliability and quality of these products!

Do you have other questions about flat towing? Comment here or on our video. We'd love to help!

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1 Comment

Great job on the video Brandi !!!! Oh yea, Ben was OK as your helper...

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