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MOORE Expo 2021: The Highlights

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We had an amazing time at MOORE Expo in spite of the blizzard coming through making things...interesting for the vendors and attendees of the event. We are so excited about how much this event has grown in only a year. In terms of square footage alone, the expo more than doubled! >> FOR 20% OFF TICKETS FOR THE 2022 SHOW, CLICK HERE AND USE CODE OFFROADRECON20 << Though there is way too much to unpack in one post, we thought we'd share with you:

The Highlights of MOORE 2021

Roof Top Tents for DAYS!

If you are looking to buy a roof top tent, this is the place to be. With so many options, seeing these camping set ups in person is invaluable. You can get a feel for how much space each tent takes up, how extensive set up and take down will be, and perhaps most importantly, how comfortable that bed will be!

We were impressed by how fast some of the hard top tents can set up and pack back away. These are definitely the way to go if you don't want to have to climb around on your rig shoving in sides and packing up.

Even after seeing so many different tent options, we are still happy with our Roam Vagabond tent. This set up works great for our family of 4. The quick set up of some of these hard shell tents will be pretty tempting when the kids are old enough to drive their own rigs though!

Incredible, Diverse Rig Builds

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Seeing all these different builds in one place is so much fun. It's incredible to see all the different ways off-roaders and overlanders have modified their rigs to make them more functional. They range from practical to over the top, but each one is unique and complete with an owner willing to share all the modifications they have made!

Seeing this clean, low-profile build from Brad at Trail Recon was awesome! With the Patriot Camper in tow, you've got everything you need to tackle the trail then to set up camp without too much trouble afterward.

We also loved the classic look of this Land Cruiser from Expedition Recon. Their simple set up stands out even in a room full of off-road rigs!

We loved seeing the official MOORE vehicle! This GX470 is an awesome vehicle and is sure to be a great launching point for Chris, Megan, and little Rowyn as they explore and adventure for years to come! We loved reading through the story of how this vehicle came to be on Moore's website.

Camping and Cooking Solutions

Seeing all the different ways people go about setting up camp, managing gear, and cooking on the trail is amazing. From the luxurious sprinter vans and overland trailers to the simple Mountain Hatch Swag tents, there are limitless ways to camp while you're out exploring!

One of the camping solutions we were most excited to see was this Helux refrigerator. They have options for single or dual zones and include a battery that can keep your food cold for 3 days! You can also see from this picture that the lid is easy to fully remove. It can be opened from either side without any adjustments. We were so impressed that we decided