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Episode 12: Kermit Returns to SMORR

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." -T.S. Elliot

In Episode 12, we head back to Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR) for the day before camping in Mark Twain National Forest that night. SMORR is always a great place to ride, but today was a special day--the day Kermit would return to Double Whammy after this happened....

After spending some serious time in the shop, Kermit was back for more. I'll let you watch to find out what happened...

To take you back to the beginning of this adventure, Saturday morning when we left the house, it was raining, cloudy, and looked like a replay of our Arkansas overloading trip. Luckily the rain let up by the time we met our group. We were meeting up with several Jeeps and this super sick Mitsubishi Montero! The Montero didn't get much trail time at SMORR, but shocked us all when we got off-road in the national forest later that day.

(This picture is included simply because I love drone shots)...

And just one more. SMORR is really a beautiful place.

We got in some climbing,

but not as much as this guy.

and Kermit took the road less traveled pretty much every time.

While the guys aired up before we got back on the road, Clara and I enjoyed the finer things at SMORR. I grabbed a well-deserved cup of coffee from the cafe and Clara rode this horse who she named TyTy. Some boys from Connor's school caught up with us making this day even better. We can't wait to share part 2 of this trip with you next week!

Check out our adventure here!

Watch for our next episode coming soon! Connect with us on Facebook if you ever want to ride with us or just to see what we're up to!

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