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Episode 13: Camping and Trailside Repairs

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

"So breath in the dust and keep the memories in." -Rowland Waring-Flood

In Episode 13, we continue our weekend overloading trip. After leaving SMORR, we head to Mark Twain National Forest to set up camp and check out the trails.

We love getting out to the national forest to get away from the crowds. This is also apparently the place we take our non-Jeep friends. (Check out our last trip here). This trip, we brought along a Mitsubishi Montero!

We were surprised how well this vehicle got around on the trails.

We were able to get on some trails we hadn't seen before and to return to some of our favorite spots like this incredible rock overhang.

The kids loved climbing around and exploring this natural playground!

We had such a great weekend and rode in so many incredible places. It's hard to believe it all happened in only two days!

On our way off the last trail, a member of our group had an idler pulley go out.

We towed him to the trail head, and waited in our Jeep for about an hour for a few of the guys to get the new part we needed. The guys were able to get everything patched up, and we made it home without too much damage.

Check out our adventure here!

Watch for our next episode coming soon! Connect with us on Facebook if you ever want to ride with us or just to see what we're up to!

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