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South Dakota

We spent a week in the Black Hills, South Dakota. We were amazed by the natural beauty and incredible trails at every turn. We can't wait to explore more of this state!

Hill City, SD
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Hill City

Wheeling in the Black Hills Day 1

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Hill City

Our Last Day Wheeling in the Black Hills

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South Dakota in 12 Minutes

We compiled all of our favorite trails from South Dakota! This is a great place to start if you want to get a feel for the type of trails you can expect in the Black Hills area. Make sure you Get the Gaia Map here!

Hill City

During our first day of riding in the Black Hills, we hit some incredible trails! We find springs, deer, and a primitive campsite to call home! Get the Gaia Map here!

Custer State Park

In this video, we journey to Custer State Park. We explore Legion Lake, see bison up close, and drive through tunnels to Mount Rushmore. 

Needles Highway

In this video, we explore the astonishing Needles Highway! We hike the Cathedral Spires trail and say goodbye to South Dakota.

Hill City

In this video, we explore Lake Pactola for some swimming and cliff diving and finally make it to the Slate Creek Dam. Get the Gaia Map here!

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