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Episode 10: Needles Highway and Saying Goodbye

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

"The earth has music for those who listen." -Shakespeare

In Episode 10, we spend our last day in Hill City, South Dakota! A few days before this, we took an amazing trip through Custer State Park. With a group anxious to get to Mount Rushmore, however, we did not have a chance to explore Needles Highway. The Custer promotional video must have really been working on us because we decided we could not leave South Dakota without checking it out.

We packed up camp first thing in the morning and used our weeklong pass to get back in to Custer. These tunnels never get old! We were amazed every time we went through them, and this part of the park had a few great ones.

We wanted to get out of the Jeep for some hiking before we got in the camper for the 14 hour drive home. We chose Cathedral Spires (aka Cathedral Spiral if you ask Ben) to get a better look at this incredible area.

The kids loved hiking this trail with their cousins. The weather was perfect, and climbing over all the boulders kept it interesting. We're big fans of tall pines, so this last opportunity to get an up close and personal look was incredible.

I wish these videos could show how magical the rocks are in this area. Every rock and even the path itself looked covered in glitter. The Black Hills are absolutely one of God's miracles.

We stopped to play in the creek for a few minutes on our way out before heading to Keystone to get some lunch and head home.

Check out our adventure here!

Watch for our next episode coming soon! Connect with us on Facebook if you ever want to ride with us or just to see what we're up to!

Thanks for an unforgettable week, South Dakota!

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