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DIY Air Down/Up Kit

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

These instructions will help you to build an air up air down kit that allows you to simultaneously air up or air down all four tires to the same pressure. It will also allow you to set the gauge to your desired pressure and walk away.


Start with 1/4 air hoses. You will need 2 of these as seen in the picture below. Make the cut exactly half way on first hose (as shown in video). With the second hose, use just enough to make connections to your rear tires.

Notice the hose already has 2 male adapters. These will connect to your female brass tee.

The single side of the Tee will connect to the top of your air regulator. Each end of the pass-through will hook to each of the male adapters on the hose shown above.

Notice the thread compound on the male end already. This is the end that connects to your gauge inlet. Flow comes from tires. Follow flow arrow on gauge.

The gauge shown below will tie into above Tee on top. The below connector will be your female hose adapter (or male if you chose). This will hook into whatever compressor fitting you currently have.


Now on the cut side of the hose you will put your barbed Tee as shown below. From this barb, you will have 3 bare hose connections--1 from the gauge, 1 to a front tire, and 1 to a rear tire.

Ensure you do this on both sides of the hose coming off of your gauge (passenger and driver). Also use connectors below to secure each barb connection.

Next thread each barb to 1/4 thread into each of your tire chuck connectors. Make sure to use thread tape on all threaded connections. Tighten all connections with a wrench.

Once you have followed the above steps, all that is left is to hook all remaining hose ends to each barb and check fitting. This will be for each of your 4 tires. Next, hook everything up and check for leaks with soapy water. With your tires all hooked up, power your gauge on and see what all 4 tires' pressure shows. Adjust by turning the knob on your gauge.

The hoses can be easily stored in a small bag or Trasheroo. Below you can see the completed kit.

I detail all these steps in the below video so that you can see the system in action! Feel free to comment with any questions you have. Hope this helps! See you on the trails!

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